March 31, 2018

Thousands of Lights are bound for Australia!

Have you heard? There is a world-class artwork that’s set to SHINE in the south of Western Australia this October. And this dazzling piece of art will require a lot of light bulbs, over 16,000 in fact!

The Field of Light: Avenue of Honour by Bruce Munro will serve as a glowing tribute to the Anzacs amid this year’s significant armistice commemorations in Albany. This month, over 16,000 glass spheres and 1800km of fibre optic cable has been packed into a shipping container, sent from the UK and is bound for Western Australia! The container will call into Fremantle Port by September awaiting transport to Albany, Western Australia, where scores of volunteers eagerly wait to plant the spectacular installation that will launch on the 4th of October 2018. 

The Field of Light: Avenue of Honour will become one of Australia’s ‘must sees’ for every traveller. Each night as it lights up against the dramatic Albany landscape, it will symbolise wild beauty, sacrifice, and courage, and honour the few to whom so much is owed by so many.